Stay in Target – SET

Dear Dani, Grace and Jude,

Note: This page is advice for Grace, Jude and John. For any other reader, it’s information only. No therapeutic relationship is formed – read this.

This page is nothing more than following the basic principles of healthy living.

Before I tell you exactly what to do, as quick recap on these to set the scene.

Why does insulin need a head start?

The portal vein thing, remember?

But what about if the arrows are trending up or down, still 20 minutes before?

Great question! This is what the S of SET is all about. Check it out.

Will I go hypo if I give my meal insulin 35 minutes before eating when the glucose is 12.0mmol/L (215mg/dL) and rising?

It’s very unlikely but not impossible. The timings are a guide based on years of clinical experience. They work for me and the first hundred children educated at my work. However,

The Glucose Never Lies

If you go low using the chart, knock five minutes off each suggestion.

If the glucose does not come down far enough before starting to eat, increase each suggestion by five minutes.

Grace and Jude, I will enjoy doing these experiments with you. We will be able to develop your personalised table over time.

Eat three balanced meals and ten minutes of activity after eating?

I am not going to repeat the my rant from the Three Balanced Meals page.

Quite simple, at least 80% of the time, follow three well-balanced meals followed by ten minutes of moderate activity after eating. This graphic summarises why SET keeps the glucose in target and the high knees on furlough.

What types of activity will work for SET?

Any activity that gets you moving but not sweating. This is how I currently do it.

After breakfast: Walk to the train station or family walk on the weekends.

After lunch: Walk round Birmingham at work or playing on the drive with Grace and Jude at the weekends.

After evening meal: Baby Zumba with Grace and Jude, playing in the garden, playing on the drive, or gardening (not my first choice).

Grace and Jude, this is how I see it working for you:

After breakfast: Walk to nursery/school or family walk on the weekends.

After lunch: Playing games in the playground at nursery/school or playing on the drive with mum/dad or each other at the weekends.

After evening meal: Baby Zumba with mum and dad, playing in the garden, playing on the drive.

Dani, you will notice this requires skin in the game from us. Well, we are parents after all, is that not our job?

What about when I eat high carb or high fat meals?

A different approach is required when you veer away from balanced meals. That’s why I created the Mealtime Insulin Guide.

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