Fast and Slow Movers of Glucose

Dear Dani, Grace and Jude,

Note: This page is advice for Grace, Jude and John. For any other reader, it’s information only. No therapeutic relationship is formed – read this.

Prioritising FAST movers of glucose between meals to nudge the glucose level up and down was the best diabetes decision I ever made.

It only took me twelve years to work it out.

It elevated my time in range (4.0-10.0mmol/L or 70-180mg/dL) from 85% to 99%, in less than three months!

Learning how to use FAST movers of glucose between meals is the overarching theme of Dynamic Glucose Management.

Leaving behind the SLOW movers improved my mental health immeasurably. No more giving corrections and being frustrated by their pedestrian effect. Gone are the days of two or three Coca-Cola hypo treatments followed by raiding the fridge.

Learning about the benefits of prioritising FAST over SLOW movers of glucose between meals is vital for people with type 1 diabetes.

I wonder why it’s not taught in a structured way?

  • The benefits have only become clear with the recent widespread use of CGM?
  • There’s a belief people with diabetes will not do short bursts of exercise to lower glucose between meals?
  • The people teaching structured education have not had first hand experience of frustrating highs that will not budge and nasty hypos not treated by sugar?
  • It’s not in consensus or national guidelines. Mind you, these are always at least five years behind the cutting edge.
  • A paradigm shift like this requires someone with soul in the game to put their neck on the line and risk being ridiculed. Every major advance in any field Is viewed as cray, until it becomes accepted practice.

It maybe a combination of these. Who knows.

I know if Grace and Jude do get diabetes, they will be able to access this blog at any time and save themselves twelve years of frustration.

Grace and Jude,

Here are summary graphics that assimilate what we have learned so far.

FAST and SLOW movers that drop the glucose level between meals.

FAST and SLOW movers that increase the glucose level between meals.

Putting them both together.

Dani, make sure you understand these graphs intimately. They underpin Dynamic Glucose Management.

Before we head there, a quick brush up on food and type 1 diabetes.

Next step. Carbohydrate Counting.

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